I’ve been in New York for a month now. Read about my experiences viewing visual art here or here or here. Right now, I’d prefer to write about a master director who also concerns himself with viewing art, but also, ultimately, with becoming art, with living art. I’d prefer to write about Minnelli. The BAMCinématek—housedContinue reading “Minnelli.”

Midcentury Studio.

Yesterday, my interview with Vancouver artist Stan Douglas about his New York show at David Zwirner Gallery, “Midcentury Studio,” was published in The Globe and Mail. The show, for which Douglas has created a body of work for a fictional, Weegee-like jobber photographer ca. 1946 to 1951, has left a considerable impression on me, asContinue reading “Midcentury Studio.”


I went to New York just over a week ago, a few days after Elizabeth Taylor’s death. Those of you who know me know how much the latter event has affected me. (My site portrait was taken before this happened, btw.) My partner Derek and I hosted a wake; our relationship has in many respectsContinue reading “Liz.”