Work of Art.

My interest in Bravo’s reality show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, which just wrapped its second season recently, should be obvious—more obvious than why I might turn my nose up at it. I’m an art writer, so like to notice how iterations of criticism make their way into the mainstream. Reality television hasContinue reading “Work of Art.”


I’ve been in New York for a month now. Read about my experiences viewing visual art here or here or here. Right now, I’d prefer to write about a master director who also concerns himself with viewing art, but also, ultimately, with becoming art, with living art. I’d prefer to write about Minnelli. The BAMCinématek—housedContinue reading “Minnelli.”


The new Fall issue of Canadian Art magazine has just hit newsstands, and it contains Sara Angel’s engaging account of Joyce Wieland’s unprecedented “True Patriot Love” exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in 1971. For an online supplement, we’ve posted a series of fascinating photographs from the opening, which remind us, amongContinue reading “Wieland/Trudeau.”

You Are Here.

I interviewed artist-filmmaker Daniel Cockburn for Canadian Art‘s website this week, about his new film You Are Here. He spoke to me in his car on the way back to Toronto from New York, where he and his wife Brenda Goldstein are moving. The title of his film lent a humourous air to our talkContinue reading “You Are Here.”

Caravaggio and General Idea.

At the opening of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s “General Idea: Haute Culture” exhibition on Friday, I found myself in a brief discussion with the museum’s Assistant Curator of European Art, Sasha Suda, regarding the National Gallery of Canada’s new Caravaggio exhibition, about which I had just written for Canadian Art‘s website. “I broke intoContinue reading “Caravaggio and General Idea.”