Midcentury Studio.

Yesterday, my interview with Vancouver artist Stan Douglas about his New York show at David Zwirner Gallery, “Midcentury Studio,” was published in The Globe and Mail. The show, for which Douglas has created a body of work for a fictional, Weegee-like jobber photographer ca. 1946 to 1951, has left a considerable impression on me, as it has on many others. It is a total project, full of technical rigour and provocative ideas about the nature of looking, and of history-making.

Douglas also has the talent, rare among contemporary artists, of being able to discuss his own work eloquently and thoroughly. The more I spoke with him about “Midcentury Studio,” the more I realized how well-researched and directed this and every one of his projects is. So, for those who are curious, I present my full interview with him here, in which he goes through several of the show’s key images. I recommend you read the Globe piece first, to get an idea of the fundamentals of the project. Or, read the gallery’s press-release PDF here. Enjoy!

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